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WW2 diary.

Dear Diary,

On the night of the war, which I knew nothing about, I was confused and scared. My home vibrated with the sounds of the planes, flying above. My brothers and sister raced into my room to take me to the Anderson shelter, which was very uncomfortable. Puzzled, my sister took my hand and I grabbed my blanket, pillow and a picture of my father. If you didn’t know, my father is in the army. Is he safe? Will he survive? My mother covered me, my sister, who is 16, and my two brothers with blankets. My mother does everything to protect me and my siblings. I do not want to leave her. The next day, we had the devastating news that children ought to be evacuated. Still, I was confused. My mother was gobsmacked. She immediately rushed us  to the train station, where we would be put with strangers to live with. As we handed in our tickets, we looked over our shoulders and waved to my mother. Will we ever see her again? Will she be safe? Will we have to live here forever?