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About the children in need Talent Show.

On Friday 18th of November, there was a children in need talent show. Many children in our school performed. Also, on Thursday 17th of November, the whole school watched the talent show ( because that was for the children) but year 6’s did not. We did not get to watch the talent show on Thursday because we had a visit from the magistrates. We did a little play based on a case about a girl who didn’t go to school because of a girl who texted her mean things, and that girl is called Sonia. We all had a part. It was very fun. On the other hand, on Friday 18th of November, only the year 6’s got to sit with the parents to watch the kids do their talent. Surprisingly, me and Camila were the last performance. My aunty had to sit there for 2 whole hours. I felt so sorry for her. I really enjoyed the talent show this year.