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This afternoon, we did a science experiment, which involved us putting blue food dye on our tongues! We were put in partners and I was with Kirsten. We had: A petite pot, which was filled with blue food dye, a few cotton buds, and some card, which had a hole punched in it. In my opinion, I thought it was fun. When the blue dye is first smudged on the tip of your tongue, it feels cold. I did Kirsten first. She had 25 taste buds in total. I had 51 in total. That is 26 more than Kirsten. We all had to do the “MEAN” which means that you add all of the numbers together, then you divide by the amount that you had. We had 5 tries, so that means we had to divide by 5. I got 10.2 and Kirsten got 5. If you got a decimal, you would have to round it to the nearest whole number. I got 10. Let me tell you what happens: If you got 0-5 you are a non-taster, 6-10 you are a average taster, and if you got 11+ you are a supertaster. I am an average taster.


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