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Samantha Kinghorn visit.

Today, around 9:10am, we were sent to the hall. Surprisingly, we met a 20 year old athlete called Samantha Kinghorn. She told us a story about her life. So, her dad was a farmer and one day Samantha  was hit by a tractor. Unfortunately, she was sent to hospital and she had to stay there for 6 months. Also, she has a wheelchair. Today, at around 11:05am, a1 year 6 teachers, Mr Shield, came into my classroom and asked for me and Sean. Me and Sean were confused. We didn’t know if we were in trouble or not. But as soon as Sean and I walked out of the classroom door, we saw some of the other year 6. Mr Shield told us that we were chosen by Mr Danquah, the sports coach, to do some sports with Samantha and Mr Danquah. We got changed into our P.E kits. After we were changed, we were sent to the gym. We did lots of different activities such as: Instructing, aiming and volley ball ( with a balloon and a volley ball). Did you know, Samantha has round about 35 trophies and 200+ medals from competitions and the Olympics? She does wheelchair races- which means that she leans forward onto her knees and pedals with her arms. Before we even did any sports, we showed her around the playground. We told he what all of the referees do on a lunchtime. We hope that she still does competitions and more Olympics.