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Life in WW2

Life in WW2 was tough. When I was 10 years old, I was very confused when the deafening sirens went off. My family and I rushed to the bottom of my garden to go into the Anderson shelter. The Anderson shelter was not the best place to be. We had to sit on the uncomfortable floor, whilst the air raid continued. My little sister, Mary, and I blocked our ears whilst bombs blew up the city. We were informed that we ought to be evacuated to the countryside to stay safe. My mother hesitated for a moment; she  agreed and told us it was the best thing to do. We immediately rushed to the train station, whilst Mary and I dragged along our belongings in our old rug- sacks. If you didn’t know, we are poor. We  can not afford any posh suitcases and things like that. My father is currently fighting in war to protect our country. We miss him an awful lot and we hope that he is safe. As we turned the tight and crowded corner, Mary clutched my mother. She said she didn’t want to leave and she wanted to stay with her. I felt the same way. I never want to leave my family. But unfortunately, Mary and I ought to. As we trudged through the solemn children, the train roared like a lion about to attack.  My mother wiped away her tears as she hugged us tightly. Is this the end? Will we ever see her again? How long until we come back? Mary and I sat down on a seat next to a child who was crying an awful lot. As the train trudged forward, Mary and I waved behind our shoulder to mother. Two and a half hours later, we finally arrived. We had to stay with strangers who we did not know. Obviously, Mary and I were shy, anxious frightened even. We arrived at this mansion-looking house. We felt shy still but we felt quite happy that we get to stay here. The strangers, Jaxson and Margret , took care of us. Did you know, we had the most scrumptious meals every day?  Mary talked to them time to time but most of the time she was still nervous. We were here for 9 and a half months now, just a year and 7 months left. One summers day, we went swimming in the most gigantic river I’ve ever seen. We wish to stay here but we want to go home too.

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