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How to make a gas mask easily.

Do you want to know how to make a realistic gas mask? Follow these steps to complete your gas mask.

Equipment needed:

  • template of a gas mask
  • black card
  • sellotape
  • cellophane
  • elastic
  • bubble wrap
  • scissors
  • pencil

Firstly, cut out the template of a gas mask carefully. Make sure you also cut out the eyes and snout.

Next, trace it out onto a black piece of card  with a pencil.

Then, cut it out.

Shortly after, cut out a piece of cellophane and stick it at the back of your eyes of the gas mask, with sellotape.

After, cut out a rectangle from black card. Curve it into a cylinder shape and stick it down onto the snout.

Later, cut out a piece of bubble wrap and stick it onto the snout of the gas mask.

Finally, get a piece of elastic and staple it onto each side of the gas mask.