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Hockey club

Did you know there is a new hockey club only for girls?The staff that runs the club is Miss Sweeney,who is my year 6 teacher.I really enjoy her hockey club I have learned many new things on how to play hockey such as how to stop the ball,how to defend in a match and to shoot and there are many more things! I love to play hockey with Miss Sweeney and all my friends it’s on every Thursday.We are all that good at hockey I think we are ready to play other schools but I know we can beat them because we have been trained by Miss Sweeney, who is an amazing player.I hope we all go to lots of hockey tournaments and win a trophy however in my opinion,Miss Sweeney should continue hockey club it is one of my favourite clubs. When we first started I had no idea how to play hockey but now I do and I know how much fun hockey can be!