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Hockey Club.

In my opinion, Miss Sweeney’s hockey club is amazing!!! If Miss Sweeney’s hockey club was on everyday, I would go to it everyday! Miss Sweeney only does hockey club for year 6 girls. I learn a lot from that club, such as: chipping the ball, scoring, defending, saving the ball and much more! From my view, I feel like I have been getting better and better every time. I support my team when I am put on one. When I am captain, I instruct my team, but not shouting at them though! When the goalkeeper misses a shot, I say good try. Sometimes, I would swap a defender with a goalkeeper to let the goalkeeper tackle for a few minutes, and give them a chance to score. I always had that one ball every time we played… It was a peach one, and it was the hardest ball. I called it the lucky ball, because I used to score with it. Until, we got new…HOCKEY BALLS AND NEW HOCKEY STICKS!! Everyone had the chance to play with one. Then we played a match. Every time we play a game, I have a good vibe. I cheer for my team when they are about to score or they are trying their hardest. I try my hardest every time I go to hockey club. When I first went, I didn’t know what I was doing. Until, I tried and tried and built confidence to join in and be a team leader. I feel like my team mates support me too when I try my hardest. That’s why we’re friends.