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Minecraft, which previously came out on the Wii u, is a really fun game! I built a survival world with one of my friends. There’s different events in my world! On miiverse you can show what you built. Miiverse is only on Nintendo consoles though. I don’t mean to brag but I’m one of the best at PVP and Tumble/spleef. At Christmas, I want Terraria and Splatoon! Also, I built a Minecraft Mini Game world, which is really fun. My first Mini Game world didn’t go so well but my newest one did. In 2009 Minecraft was created. My favourite youtubers are: DanTDM, Pink Sheep, Exploding TNT, Popular MMOS, Purple shep, who is ugly and Stampy, who I don’t really like anymore? Once in Minecraft I saw HEROBRINE!!! It’s kind of scary! My survival world is my favourite world. I have a secret room in my world. Interestingly, my Minecraft world is called WitchCraft? You should subscribe to DanTDM and pink sheep? I also play Roblox and obviously, I have Robux!!!

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