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Wednesday 22nd February

On Wednesday the 22nd of February : me , my big sister Amber , little brother Logan , Mam and dad are going to Beamish . Beamish is a place in County ¬†Durham it is a huge museum , but it’s not a museum like you’re probably thinking of like the Hancock museum in Town . It’s filled with old fashioned buildings , which you can go inside , for example there is : an old fashioned school , bakery , sweet shop , old houses , fish and chip shop , bike shop , post office and much more.You could also take a ride on : a tram , an old fashioned bus and a horse and cart . Also , all the staff wear old fashioned clothes and it looks like a village years ago . You could¬†also take a look at the old fashioned farm and go on a little horse ride ( I must say I will be taking a horse ride).