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True story of the Three Little Pigs

The true story of three little pigs is written by the wolf, who is called Alexander.T, you can call him Al for short. Most people say that this is the true story, now let us begin. Once upon a time, there was a wolf, who was in his own little house making a sweet cake for his dear old granny. As he was making it, he ran out of sugar everyone would want a cake with sugar. Thinking of what to do, he went outside – he thought he would go and ask his neighbours if they had any sugar. His neighbours were¬†the three little pigs, who only moved here because their mum told them to. The closest ones house was made out of straw, the wolf thought it was odd because who would make a house made out of straw? The wolf walked towards the door and knocked on the door eagerly to get sugar. There was silence….nobody answered.The wolf’s nose was getting really itchy then he sneezed and blew the house to the ground, which couldn’t be brought back.The pig was dead… the wolf thought he should just eat him as it would be a waste if he didn’t eat it. So the wolf munched up the tasty pig.