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Match report (girls hockey match).

On Monday the 13th of February a group of girls from MISS SWEENEY’S HOCKEY CLUB, went to have a fantastic match at Ravens-Wood Primary school. We were split in to two groups, A and B. In group A there was: Esther.B, Kirsten.C, Chloe.M, Gloria.C, and Glory.B . And in group B there was : Valdite.D, Emma.T, Alisha.D, Kauthar.S and me ( which is also Camila.G) . We went with Mr Danquah and Miss Sweeney  on the school mini – bus, and Esther and Valdite went with Miss Sweeney in her lovely  pink car! When we got there we were all gobsmacked, because of what we saw. Their school was absolutely huge. There were big fields  where you could play football and there was also a lot of equipment. We tried finding the door, so we could get in and say that we were here, but the school was so big that we got a little bit lost.

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