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About my Christmas holiday.

Over the Christmas holiday , on Christmas day, I opened my Christmas gifts and then I spent the rest of my day at my aunt’s house, eating our Christmas dinner and playing games.. Two days later, it was my eleventh birthday! I went shopping with my mum to the Newcastle shopping park and we shopped a little bit there. Later on that day, I went to town with my aunty, uncle and cousin. We went to Frankies and Bennys (the food was delicious)! We went to Fenwick, because my cousin had £10 and I had £150. I replaced a coat that I was given from my aunty and uncle ( sadly, it didn’t fit so we took it back). I bought a converse tracksuit with a matching backpack.My cousin bought a Paw Patrol mashup toy and a Thomas train. After, we went on the bus back to Byker. My uncle and cousin went to his nanna’s house,whislt me and my aunty hopped back on another bus to go and spend the rest my money in town, once again.. I spent £72.43 in Primark. I was gobsmacked.

On the 6th of January, which hasn’t came up yet, would be my nanna’s memory. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas holiday and a happy new year.