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6SW pyjama party!!!

On Friday 10th of February 2017, my class had a pyjama party. This was because in ¬†class we have a bead jar system, which all the class works together to fill up, there are approximately 214-220 beads in the jar. You will only get a bead if you are rewarded a green card otherwise if you get a yellow card it is a warning, but if you get a red card you will have to stay in for your break or part of your lunch time. Therefore, if we fill the jar as a class we will vote for a treat that we can do in class. The majority of the class voted for a pyjama part so Miss Sweeney and Mrs Pace were so kind they made it happen. As well as that, we had to have Mrs Bradley’s permission. For that reason, Emma and Josue wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs Bradley because they were so persuasive she allowed us to have our pyjama party. So on Friday we could go in wearing pyjamas or tracksuits. Most of the class wore onesies.

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Thank you Northern Stage!

Dear cast and crew of James and the giant peach,

I would like like to thank you for inviting us to watch your performance of James and the giant peach. It was awesome my favourite character was centipede, because she was really good at tap dancing. I know you couldn’t have done these amazing performances without all of your sponsors so I would like to thank them as well for helping pay for the materials for all of the props. My favourite prop was the jelly fish how they went up and down making them look like they where stinging something. I appreciated how you had bubbles and confetti come down on the audience.