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Match report (girls hockey match)

On Monday 13th of February a group of girls from 6sw went to a hockey match against ┬áRavenswood Primary. The girls were: Esther, Kirsten, Glory, Gloria, Emma, Kauthar, Valdite, Chloe, Camila and Alisha. We were split up in to 2 groups the groups consisted of: Esther, Kirsten, Gloria, Glory and Chloe we were group A. The other group consisted of: Camila, Emma, Valdite, Alisha and Kauthar they were group B. From my point of view, it was really fun we enjoyed playing against Ravenswood. However, most of them were boys but we were still great altogether. Ravenswood teams were a mixture of boys and girls from year 5. The scores were 9-7 to Ravenswood in group A. In goup B the scores were 9-6 to Ravenswood. Suprisingly, we scored 13 goals altogether. Even though we did not win we still tried our best and made new friends, so I guess that’s what really matters. We are also thankful for Miss Sweeney for starting girls hockey and arranging the match. We have been training so hard the past year. So we will continue to practise and would like to play another match against Ravenswood and we hope to win.

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