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How to make a gas mask easily.

Do you want to know how to make a realistic gas mask? Follow these steps to complete your gas mask.

Equipment needed:

  • template of a gas mask
  • black card
  • sellotape
  • cellophane
  • elastic
  • bubble wrap
  • scissors
  • pencil

Firstly, cut out the template of a gas mask carefully. Make sure you also cut out the eyes and snout.

Next, trace it out onto a black piece of card  with a pencil.

Then, cut it out.

Shortly after, cut out a piece of cellophane and stick it at the back of your eyes of the gas mask, with sellotape.

After, cut out a rectangle from black card. Curve it into a cylinder shape and stick it down onto the snout.

Later, cut out a piece of bubble wrap and stick it onto the snout of the gas mask.

Finally, get a piece of elastic and staple it onto each side of the gas mask.



Life in WW2

Life in WW2 was tough. When I was 10 years old, I was very confused when the deafening sirens went off. My family and I rushed to the bottom of my garden to go into the Anderson shelter. The Anderson shelter was not the best place to be. We had to sit on the uncomfortable floor, whilst the air raid continued. My little sister, Mary, and I blocked our ears whilst bombs blew up the city. We were informed that we ought to be evacuated to the countryside to stay safe. My mother hesitated for a moment; she  agreed and told us it was the best thing to do. We immediately rushed to the train station, whilst Mary and I dragged along our belongings in our old rug- sacks. If you didn’t know, we are poor. We  can not afford any posh suitcases and things like that. My father is currently fighting in war to protect our country. We miss him an awful lot and we hope that he is safe. As we turned the tight and crowded corner, Mary clutched my mother. She said she didn’t want to leave and she wanted to stay with her. I felt the same way. I never want to leave my family. But unfortunately, Mary and I ought to. As we trudged through the solemn children, the train roared like a lion about to attack.  My mother wiped away her tears as she hugged us tightly. Is this the end? Will we ever see her again? How long until we come back? Mary and I sat down on a seat next to a child who was crying an awful lot. As the train trudged forward, Mary and I waved behind our shoulder to mother. Two and a half hours later, we finally arrived. We had to stay with strangers who we did not know. Obviously, Mary and I were shy, anxious frightened even. We arrived at this mansion-looking house. We felt shy still but we felt quite happy that we get to stay here. The strangers, Jaxson and Margret , took care of us. Did you know, we had the most scrumptious meals every day?  Mary talked to them time to time but most of the time she was still nervous. We were here for 9 and a half months now, just a year and 7 months left. One summers day, we went swimming in the most gigantic river I’ve ever seen. We wish to stay here but we want to go home too.

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WW2 diary.

Dear Diary,

On the night of the war, which I knew nothing about, I was confused and scared. My home vibrated with the sounds of the planes, flying above. My brothers and sister raced into my room to take me to the Anderson shelter, which was very uncomfortable. Puzzled, my sister took my hand and I grabbed my blanket, pillow and a picture of my father. If you didn’t know, my father is in the army. Is he safe? Will he survive? My mother covered me, my sister, who is 16, and my two brothers with blankets. My mother does everything to protect me and my siblings. I do not want to leave her. The next day, we had the devastating news that children ought to be evacuated. Still, I was confused. My mother was gobsmacked. She immediately rushed us  to the train station, where we would be put with strangers to live with. As we handed in our tickets, we looked over our shoulders and waved to my mother. Will we ever see her again? Will she be safe? Will we have to live here forever?


This afternoon, we did a science experiment, which involved us putting blue food dye on our tongues! We were put in partners and I was with Kirsten. We had: A petite pot, which was filled with blue food dye, a few cotton buds, and some card, which had a hole punched in it. In my opinion, I thought it was fun. When the blue dye is first smudged on the tip of your tongue, it feels cold. I did Kirsten first. She had 25 taste buds in total. I had 51 in total. That is 26 more than Kirsten. We all had to do the “MEAN” which means that you add all of the numbers together, then you divide by the amount that you had. We had 5 tries, so that means we had to divide by 5. I got 10.2 and Kirsten got 5. If you got a decimal, you would have to round it to the nearest whole number. I got 10. Let me tell you what happens: If you got 0-5 you are a non-taster, 6-10 you are a average taster, and if you got 11+ you are a supertaster. I am an average taster.


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Private Peaceful- Chapter 1

Charlie is squeezing my hand, leading me down this rocky path. He knows I don’t want to go. My heart is racing and it won’t stop. My knees are wobbling like jelly. Charlie has told me so much about this school-place and Mr Munnings  with his long whipping cane; it has been making me nervous for the past week. Big Joe doesn’t have to go to school, and I don’t think that is fair at all. He gets to stay home and sit up in the trees singing Oranges and Lemons. I wish I could have a smile on my face but all I want to do is cry. “Piggyback?” Charlie asks, as he gazes into my eyes. I nod my head and climb up. While he is carrying me, a tear shoots down from my eye and streams down my rosy-red cheek. I quickly wipe it away so Charlie doesn’t notice. I spot a crow sitting on the fence, it’s beak open and it is making that crow noise. I don’t like crows and never have. They give me goosebumps and they stare at you with those creepy eyes. We are here, and it is gigantic. As we walk into the giant-size playground, I can hear all of the children laughing and running around. All of a sudden, a bell rings and everybody lines up in to two separate lines. Apparently, I’m in the Tiddlers group and the other group is named Bigguns. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Mr Munnings and that cane of his, which hangs on a wall above his desk. ” A new boy, a new boy! First a Charlie Peaceful and now a Thomas Peaceful. What have I done to deserve another one? In this school, I am your lord and master. You do what I say when I say it, understood?” Mr Munnings orders, in a bossy way. I nod my head nervously. ” Bigguns off you go,” Mr Munnings adds. As the Bigguns walk past, Charlie gives me a wink then I try and do the same but unfortunately I can only blink. Charlie giggles quietly. ” And now Tiddlers off you go,” Mr Munnings screeches. We are walking into our class room, where it is lovely and warm. Luckily, I have Mrs McAllister as my teacher and she is very sweet but at least she is not Mr Munnings. ” Tiddlers, take your seats please, I’m about to do the register and Thomas tie your laces,” Miss McAllister asks. I look down to see my laces undone then suddenly I start to cry. ” Crying won’t do up your laces you know,” Mrs McAllister added. I said I can’t do them, then Mrs McAllister asks a girl, who has the prettiest hair I’ve ever seen,  to do my laces. Whilst she is tying them, I am tempted to touch her hair, but I don’t. After she ties them, she sits back down and she doesn’t smile at me not even once, ” Thomas, sit next to Molly,” Miss McAllister orders, in a nicer way than Mr Munnings does.When we are allowed to go, we all sensibly walk out, in case Mr Munnings screams at us. I run over to a log and undo my bootlaces, just to see if I am capable of doing them myself. I have just finished doing a loop and it is complete. Suddenly, Molly looks over her shoulder and smiles at me. I know I have a friend.

About my Christmas holiday.

Over the Christmas holiday , on Christmas day, I opened my Christmas gifts and then I spent the rest of my day at my aunt’s house, eating our Christmas dinner and playing games.. Two days later, it was my eleventh birthday! I went shopping with my mum to the Newcastle shopping park and we shopped a little bit there. Later on that day, I went to town with my aunty, uncle and cousin. We went to Frankies and Bennys (the food was delicious)! We went to Fenwick, because my cousin had £10 and I had £150. I replaced a coat that I was given from my aunty and uncle ( sadly, it didn’t fit so we took it back). I bought a converse tracksuit with a matching backpack.My cousin bought a Paw Patrol mashup toy and a Thomas train. After, we went on the bus back to Byker. My uncle and cousin went to his nanna’s house,whislt me and my aunty hopped back on another bus to go and spend the rest my money in town, once again.. I spent £72.43 in Primark. I was gobsmacked.

On the 6th of January, which hasn’t came up yet, would be my nanna’s memory. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas holiday and a happy new year.

A thank you letter.

Dear Northern Stage,

I just want to thank you for taking up your time to put on a fantastic show for kids from different schools and my school. It was very realistic and I enjoyed it. My favourite part was when those octopuses came in and it was very fun. Also, I liked it when the big peach came in and the characters threw it to the audience. Everybody was on the edge of their seats because it was that interesting. James was such a good actor and so were the others! I just want to thank you for letting us come along and watch you. Once again, thank you.

By Emma Teeney, Byker Primary School, year 6.

About the children in need Talent Show.

On Friday 18th of November, there was a children in need talent show. Many children in our school performed. Also, on Thursday 17th of November, the whole school watched the talent show ( because that was for the children) but year 6’s did not. We did not get to watch the talent show on Thursday because we had a visit from the magistrates. We did a little play based on a case about a girl who didn’t go to school because of a girl who texted her mean things, and that girl is called Sonia. We all had a part. It was very fun. On the other hand, on Friday 18th of November, only the year 6’s got to sit with the parents to watch the kids do their talent. Surprisingly, me and Camila were the last performance. My aunty had to sit there for 2 whole hours. I felt so sorry for her. I really enjoyed the talent show this year.