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Travel Alaksa


Have you you ever been on a holiday of a life-time? A holiday like no other? A holiday that is even better than Cyprus? Well it is your lucky day. Alaska is a holiday that you won’t want to miss. You definitely won’t want to miss our delicious cuisine, sight-seeing and our wildlife.

Harp seal


The Arctic harp seal is a friendly, cute animal, which lives in the Arctic. Surprisingly,this animal is often known as the saddleback seal because of th saddle like mark on its back. These adorable, sweet, cuddly animals live in the North Atlantic Ocean.


Amazingly,a harp seal has many different appearances through its life. Fascinatingly, this animal has thick, white fur to keep it warm when it is in the freezing cold icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. When the adult seal is mature it does not have any fur what so ever.