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As I woke up, I inhaled the appetising smell of bacon, that was coming from downstairs and all the way up to mine and David’s room. I made myself look very  smart for first impressions and also for when I met Mrs Parker. Mrs Parker (also known as Ada) was cooking the world’s best English breakfast, which everyone would want. She was a very polite lady, with long dark hair. Mr Parker gobbled all of his breakfast very quickly, when it was seven am. That night I wondered about my mother what she would have been doing and if my father had been safe. I was mostly worried about my mother, because I knew , that she would be missing me very much and how she would be crying herself to sleep every night. I was scared and frightened of what would happen. Would I stay the for a few months likes my mother said or would I be here for years?

Two facts about animals.


The reason lions roar is so that they can communicate their position to other prides.  Lions spent 16-20 hours sleeping each day.


Tigers are the largest cat members and known for their strength and power ! Shockingly, a tiger is able to kill an animal twice its size ! 


orangutans are 94.4 percent the same as a human, because they pretty much do the same things as us. They are known for their high intelligence.

I hope you have enjoyed my facts about these fab animals more coming …


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