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As humans evolve, some people think that we get smarter and smarter, but I believe that we get dumber! In the future, humans will become extinct because of nuclear weapons or the sun. But we will become extinct in thousands of years(less than 1,000,000). In our past life, our first evolution was actually fish! After we were fish, humans become apes! And after we become caveman (in the stone-age). When humans evolve, we lose certain organs inside our body. Right now, there’s some organs that we don’t need. On the other hand, ¬†scientists are researching about our evolution (Our Future Evolution). What I believe is that our spines will get worse and if we need less rest. I think it’s a good but bad thing, so we can do more exercise and the bad part about our next evolution is that you’ll probably get back cramp! But it’s not long until our next¬†EVOLUTION!!!!!

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