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David Almond- the author and mastermind behind Skellig- starts the story when Micheal and his family are getting shown around the house by Mr Stone, who was the estate agent. As the story unfolds, It is shown through numerous pieces of evidence that the house needs renovating, for the house is dirty, dusty  and ancient: even the toilet is unpleasant. Tragically, a man called Ernie mysteriously died, as a result of this his deceased body was discovered under a rotten maggot-infested kitchen table. Micheal being the curious boy he is, as soon as he could, explored the garage that seemed to drastically surpass the levels of contamination of the house. Michael’s eyes wandered around the room like a cats would trying to catch a lazer. The garage was jam-packed with: creepy bluebottles; awful spiders; disgusting layers of dust; old furniture and sitting right ontop of the sofa was a mysterious man, who gave a murder-like stare.

Sean’s diary

When we arrived at our destination, my expected standards were thrown to the bin. As right in front of me, right before my eyes, was a massive, extravagant mansion, which had windows perfectly decorated with flowers: roses, virginia creepers, pansies and crocuses. I then looked at the man (Mr Pontes) more specifically at his ragged, old beard and looked back at the masterpiece. Is this really yours I said after a while. As I said this I looked at Tucky, but his mouth looked like it was going to fall off. He then replied like he didn’t care and said a simple yes. This made Tucky’s jaw drop even more. After a tour of outside that consisted of fluffy white things – sheep- and bigger, darker and less fluffier animals – cows- we finally had a chance to enter the house, or should I say mansion. Seconds before we entered my anticipation was unbearable and my legs were litterly about to tremble.

The Evacuation

Day 1:

I have never seen anything like this before in my life. They were like birds of terror built to inflict damage upon this city. They were small from down here like a colony of ants because of their vast numbers. “Richard what are you doing!” screams mother, but before I even opened my mouth I was being forcefully dragged out of my room as quickly as possible. Not soon after, the sirens were roaring signalling the start of this event, this disaster. Snuggled up in the shelter with my mother hugging me tightly, I seemed safe. The sounds coming from outside were deafening: the bombs whistling; the glass shattering and the most heartbreaking of them all the screams of innocent people. There was an awkward silence in here it made me feel uncomfortable. I could hardly see either because the only light source was a flickering candle. The only things that were going on in my mind were: what was happening? Where had they come from? and will I survive? Gradually, the cacophony of sounds differed and the second siren this time signalling the end decided to show itself, after what seemed ages.  

Day 2: 

After the air raid, my mother has been taking extra precautions so much so that my mother is thinking of evacuation: I am not very fond of this though. “Wake up, Wake up!” bellowed Mother. Opening my sealed-shut eyes slowly, I manage to wake up. “Yes, Ma!” I say barely opening my mouth. My Mother replies  “Dress up and hurry you won’t want to be late. After my preparation of dressing up, we walk along the path to school.”Son… you… you’re” stammers mum “Being evacuated.” 

“What do you mean,” I say a bit baffled.      

“Only for a few months, because of this war you know, I am only trying to help you, keep you safe,” says mother silently. The rest of the journey was awkwardly reticent as my hatred towards my Mother was unbearable but at the same time, I know that my Mother is trying to protect me. As we arrived at the school, my natural instinct was to, hold back, run as fast as I can, but I didn’t instead I watched my Mother walk down the hilly cobble-stoned path, trying not to cry. soon after, me, the teachers, my classmates and my best friend – Frank- were waiting patiently for the train, which was running 1 hour late. “Oh, this train is taking an awfully, long time to get here,” says Mrs Walsh, whilst about to light one of her cigars. “I believe you are getting tired, so children I would like you to sit on your sacks,” she says with her posh accent. “Richard, lets play rock, paper scissors while we wait, even though this bus was meant to get here in a jiffy,” says Frank.      



Evolution is a change or advancement of an animal over a period of time, usually taking many millions of years. Evolution pronounced (ee-vuh-loo-shun) or (ev-uh-loo-shun) if you’re American is caused by a change in the environment or even a lack of use of a certain body part like the appendages (arms and legs). An example of evolution is the  horse which is the only animal with a full evolutionary centimetres- tall standing on all 4 feet was 0.4 meters – 40centimetres. Did you know the stone age began 7 to 6 hundred thousand decades ago and holds the evolution of the human possibly, certainly even the smartest creature to roam the earth after the chimpanzee, pigs, according to research, a middle-aged (5 years old for a domestic pig) is as smart as a three year old human being and a dolphin. Surprisingly, humans, who lived in the stone age, which was the time when the first stone tools were made, had extremely similar and quit-satisfying similarities and differences. The first difference is the hair which is long, straight and covers the face.

My Christmas Day Sean Andisen

It was only 9:00 AM when I awakened from my slumber, partly because of my sisters and partly because of my burning desire to tear upon the wrappers of presents, that are left beneath the Christmas tree. Just after I awoke I stretched my arms and looked down from my bunk bed, only to hear my three little sisters making such a racket, that it even sounded like I was in colosseum full to the top with over-exited entertainment-seekers {like watching people kill is fun}; fearless lions and probably-really-scared gladiators. A good twenty minutes later I decided to deport my bunk bed. As I did this I did the usual brush my teeth and take a bath. While leaving the bath I saw my mum exiting the room. “Good morning,” I announced.

“Good morning,” she replied back. I then walked to my parent’s room and  softly said to my half-asleep dad “Good morning,”

“Good morning,” He responded.

After I got dressed, I decided to hed down-stairs.I took a 90-degree turn to the dining room a  right angled turn to the kitchen and sped as fast as I could to the present holding room {the sitting room}. My mouth and eyes opened as wide as saucers as I gazed upon what seemed like heaven. they were so many presents that they reached the couch. At this moment, a rush of adrenaline flowed through my body I tried to get my Honey Cheerios quickly, but unfortunately, the milk was warm and I’m not one of those people, who like warming up their milk. Ten minutes later, my sister suggested that we should open our presents my mum agreed and we started unwrapping our presents. I always do this even last Christmas and the Christmas before, where we went to London and spent Christmas with my two aunts, my four cousins, my mum, my grand-aunt, my grand-uncle and my three sisters: the youngest Amber; the middle-aged Lucy and my oldest younger sister Marie, I wait for other people to open their presents first. Anyways, the first present I opened was a box weighing a reasonable amount. Crackle tear!!  “thank you!” I screamed to the top of my voice. I pretty much said this after every unboxing. It was in a green Adidas Neo box and inside were shoes they were a sort of really dark blue almost black and a white Adidas logo engraved on the sides of the shoe. The next gift I received was another pair of shoes this time from Nike and were in this red box. In the interior were black and grey Air Maxes of course also engraved with a logo the infamous Nike logo. The next gifts I’m about to talk to you about are from a lady called Anna, who is like my adult friend.  She helps me prepare for RGS- Royal Grammer School- and once we used to send letters about writing challenges that I thought were really fun. So, she gives me gifts that are meant to test me and get my brain going. The first gift that I opened, which was from Anna, was cylindrical. Honestly, I didn’t know WHAT was in it. I tore it upon as quick as Usain Bolt’s fastest race time 9.58 seconds, which is equivalent to 9580000 microsecond- which is also equivalent to 9580 milliseconds. Guys and Girls, if your reading which your 100% are, I feel like I need a drum roll, so readers tap your hands repeatedly on a desk. Note that at least 70% percent of people who read this probably did a drum roll. Anyways I’m going incredibly of topic, she gave me a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle about constellations, you know those stars that join up to make the big dipper and stuff. The second gift that she gave was wooden pieces of a plane structure that you had to build. The list is almost endless a few things will be: perfume/cologne, three David Walliams books: Mr Stink a classic; Gangsta Granny an all-time favourite and Ratburger a hilarious entertainment-giver and chocolate lots and lots of sweet tender chocolate. After we opened our presents we sat down on the table said grace and enjoyed the meal my dad cooked. We stuffed our mouths with homemade chicken and mushroom pie {delicious}; white rice infested with peas and greens {tasty} and well and nicely cooked chicken {scrumptious}. To wash things down we had a choice of Fanta Fruit Twist, pineapple juice and water. To suit are not yet satisfied bellies we had a marvellous mix of cakes, mince pies and sweets, which were from my Stockings.

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How To Survive In The Sahara Desert


The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world and the third largest desert in the world after Antarctica and Arctic.The Sahara comprises much of North Africa, excluding the fertile region on the Mediterranean coast, the Atlas mountains of the Maghreb, and the Nile Vally in Egypt  and Sudan. The Sahara is one of the hottest and deadliest place on earth, where temperatures ascend way above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit! three and a half million square miles {nine million square kilometrers} of scorching hot sand. That is  comparable to the size of the US , which is the largest country in North America. Did you know every year people die trying to cross it, burned by the hottest temperatures on the planet? Being stranded here is like being cooked alive. Only the fittest can survive. Only the people that can withstand boiling hot water poured on to them. Only people with correct survival techniques can survive. In this booklet, you will find out more about the food you eat; the clothes and equipment and tips on how to survive.



Due to the blazing heat, you will need plenty of water, but this is not easy because only three inches of rain falls every year. Camel spiders that look like crosses between the two most commonly known arachnid {spider and scorpion} are high in protein and energy. To catch the eight-legged spider you will need a stick-like thing with a length of at least twenty-five inches. trap the spider with the object that you chose preferably a stick. pick it up taking caution of its venomous front legs, and eat it. Warning they will be a puss explosion taking place in your mouth. Eat little and often, because if you decide to eat a lot your digestion will burn up water making you even more vulnerable to dehydration. If you decide to travel here you must know that you have to bring as much water as you can. In the desert, you should drink a minimum of approximately one litre of water an hour. A cunning, brainy way of preserving water is to keep it in your mouth, therefore keeping your mouth and throat moist. Date palm trees are perfect if you spot one you will be very fortunate because  date palm trees provide food, water and above all shelter. water can be provided by a date palm tree; seventy-five percent of the time water is beneath their roots. Warning the risk of doing this is that you lose more and more water whilst you’re trying to dig. Above the tree will be Dates, which are high in sugar, energy ,vitamins and minerals. Funnily enough, it’s okay if there not ripe. Did you know you can lose one litre of water an hour? Did you know you could last three weeks without food, but without water in the desert- especially the Sahara desert,which is roughly the same size as forty UKs {England, Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland},- you will be lucky to live beyond twenty-four hours {one day}.


Clothes And Equipment:

As Mentioned several times already the Sahara desert is hot; the most humid temperature ever recorded was one-hundred and thirty-six degrees Fahrenheit! So you must take action a bright but vulgar way of keeping cool is to… pee on your t-shirt and wrap it around your head like a headscarf. It will keep you cool trust me, even Bear Grylls, who is the finest survival expert, did it. palm leaves are great insulators, unlike sand, which you need to reframe from- when starting a fire. luckily and unluckily, temperatures in the desert reach freezing in the night. Because of this, you need to construct a fire. To make a friction firelight you will need to gather dry wood. First, you should make a base with some of the wood. Next, you must make a spindle. Finally, you ought to rotate your stick in the spindle. Eventually, you will ignite a fire. if you were to start a campfire, use the charcoal like glasses because it can protect your eyes from the sun.


Tips And Tricks:

Dehydration and Heat stroke, which have symptoms like becoming incapacitated, headaches, becoming really fatigued, stop sweating as your body tries to conserve fluids, dizziness if not treated death,  to survive this murderous duo you will need:

  • Water lots of water
  • Drinking urine will help
  • Barrel cacti  a great source of water
  • wearing a hat if not try and cover your face as much as possible
  • avoiding alcohol, tea and coffee
  • and do the thing that I said for you to do on the paragraph clothing and equipment.

The desert insects and animals are killers a list of some are:

  • fat-tailed scorpions that lurk behind rocks
  • cobras
  • spotted hyena
  • dama gazelle
  • common jackal
  • sand fox.

About The Lungs


Have you ever wondered about how you breathe? Read on and find out. The lung is like a football-sized pump that weighs around a pound.The lungs are Located within the chest cavity on either side of the heart.Each lung reaches from the collarbone to the border between the chest and abdominal cavities.The lungs in your body keep increasing and decreasing in size every second until you die.They breathe in this air,which is mostly nitrogen and oxygen some argon and carbon dioxide,just to keep you alive.In this text you will find out more about:

  • The inside- what it’s made from?
  • How does it work? 
  • How it corresponds to other organs?

What’s Inside the lungs?

Inside the lungs, are tubular branches, called bronchi-which air passes through.If you kept dividing the bronchi you’ll see even smaller branches (bronchioles), finally becoming microscopic.The bronchioles eventually end in clusters of microscopic air sacs called alveoli. In the alveoli, oxygen from the air is absorbed into the blood. Just outside the pair of spongy, air-filled organs,(also known as the lungs) is the trachea -or windpipe-this is a tube that is attached to the pair of lungs.The diaphragm,which is just below the lungs,is a dome-shaped, muscular partition separating the thorax from the abdomen in mammals. It plays a major role in breathing, as its contraction increases the volume of the thorax and so inflates the lungs.

How do the lungs work?

As the bronchial tubes pass through the lungs, they divide into smaller air passages called bronchioles. The bronchioles end in tiny balloon-like air sacs called alveoli. Your body has over 300 million alveoli.The alveoli are surrounded by a mesh of tiny blood vessels called capillaries. Here, oxygen from the inhaled air passes through the alveoli walls and into the blood.After absorbing oxygen, the blood leaves the lungs and is carried to your heart. Your heart then pumps it through your body to provide oxygen to the cells of your tissues and organs.As the cells use the oxygen, carbon dioxide is produced and absorbed into the blood. Your blood then carries the carbon dioxide back to your lungs, where it is removed from the body when you exhale.

Circulatory system 

The circulatory system consists of  2 organs ,that consist of multiple tissue, that consist of many cells, – the heart (cardiovascular) and lungs (pulmonary) – plus many arteries, veins, coronary and portal vessels (systemic).In the average human, about 2,000 gallons (7,572 liters) of blood travel daily through about 60,000 miles (96,560 kilometers) of blood vessels, according to the Arkansas Heart Hospital. An average adult has 5 to 6 quarts (4.7 to 5.6 liters) of blood, which is made up of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, which are also called thrombocytes.

Fun Facts:

  • The primary functions of your lungs are to transport oxygen from the air you breathe into your bloodstream while taking away carbon dioxide, which is released into the air when you breathe out.
  • Most vertebrate animals (animals with spines) have two lungs.
  • Your left and right lungs aren’t exactly the same. The lung on the left side of your body is divided into two lobes while the lung on your right side is divided into three. The left lung is also slightly smaller, allowing room for your heart.
  • Can you live without one lung? Yes you can, it limits your physical ability but doesn’t stop you from living a relatively normal life. Many people around the world live with just one lung.
  • People who have a large lung capacity can send oxygen around their body faster. You can increase you lung capacity with regular exercise.
  • When resting, the average adult breathes around 12 to 20 times a minute.
  • An average person breathes in around 11,000 litres of air every day.
  • The study of lung diseases is known as pulmonology.
  • As well as other parts of your body and your general health, smoking is bad for your lungs. Smoking can cause lung cancer among other lung affecting diseases.
  • Asthma is a common disease that affects the lungs. Asthma attacks happen when your airways narrow after being irritated. The narrow airways make it hard for you to breathe in air.
  • Pneumonia is a dangerous disease that makes it harder for your lungs to absorb oxygen from the air you breathe.
  • Other lung diseases include emphysema, tuberculosis and bronchitis.

About The Heart

The heart is an organ in your body like the brain, lungs and kidneys. It lies between the right and left lungs ,in the middle of the chest and slightly towords the left of the breastbone. Approximately… your heart is only a cat’s whisker larger than your clenched fist. It weighs around 8 to 10 ounces dependent on your size and gender/sex. This Vital muscle, which pumps oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood around your body, has four major chambers.The left and right ventricles and the left and right atria they hold the blood .Within them there are four valves,the Tricuspid valve the mitral valve the pulmonic valve and aortic valve, they open and close to let blood in and out.

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