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My school year-2017

At the start of the school year I wasn’t expecting to get Miss Swenney AGAIN! I got miss Sweeney in year 5. At the start of the year we got some new people in our class. We all got along with each other and we all learned new things this year we learned: how to stay healthy, the polar regions, WW2( world war 2). Some people have Miss Sweeney for maths but the others have Mr Shield and I am one of the people to have Mr Shield for maths. We went on trips and did fun things together. On Sunday 4Th July, we went on a trip to France it was really fun we went fencing, swimming and did a zip wire. It was so much fun! Sadly it was time to go but it was much better on the way back to home.





In an enchanted castle, there were two girls and a boy.The two girls were called, Mia and Jazzie  and the little boy was called Alex. Mia had a big and important secret that no one knew,  but her. It was a mysterious, powerful and shimmering animal. But for ten years they all got on with their lives, but she got backed to her real life? Mia, also didn’t tell her fake sister and brother the truth. One night,  Mia went back to her real life, were something she has. After a few more ten years she had told her family, and they all freaked out so they banshed her from the kingdom, because she had a dangerous and powerful pet.  So after they had for gotton about what she said, she went backed there and tolded her fake sister and brother everything and they really believed her, so she showed them where her pet was. It was a mysterious, powerful, glowing and shimmering, pet UNICORN! And they all said that they  were evil but they were not. So thay all went back to the kingdom and showed the kingdom the unicorn.  So they have change the rule of Mia coming into the kingdom. And after a few months they all for gived her after ever thing the King and Queen said to Mia. So they all lived happily ever!!!

                                                         BY CAITLYN KNIGHTING 6SW


The Mystery Boy

Curled up in a ball, the boy lay in the untidy mess that was once his school. There was rubbish scattered across the corridor – juice leaking from the carton and paper flung everywhere. He was terrified, but he had to run. He looked at the petrifying devastation, he had to check that nobody was watching. He got up nervously, passed the teacher and she slammed the door loudly to block him off. When he saw her, he pulled his red, velvety hat on quickly and raced towards his bike. A shiver travelled down his neck as he strolled past the police car. He didn’t want them to catch him, because he had to disguise his powers. While the teacher rushed to the police man, the boy pedalled as fast as he could to escape from them all. He ground his teeth and the wheels on his bike turned rapidly. He checked behInd him, so he knew nobody was looking. He put his face in his hands. When he arrived at his humble home, he threw his bike on to the grass and ran  inside as fast as a cheetah. He gazed upon the television screen and noticed the news headline ‘supernatural occurrence at local school.’ He rushed to his room, gathered everything he could and then he spots a dark shadow outside the door. It was the F.B.I… Suddenly, four other policemen appeared out of nowhere… He was devastated and trapped like a hamster in a cage. He grabbed the door handle, but the men stormed in to his house. Desperately, he had to use his magical powers. At that moment, the keys levatated towards him. He managed to escape from the evil men. Soon after, the men caught up with him in the dark, creepy woods. They surrounded him with guns pointing at his head. But then… A force field of golden metallic light formed a protective ring to save his life.

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The new school year 2016

The new school year has been so amazing! Di you know that we are doing our very first time capsule?I am going to put a letter in about  2015-2016. I can’t wait. Do you know that we have improved our beloved school? We have a flag. We have  lots of clubs 36 to be sure in 2015 we had 400 hundred children now in 2016 we have 450 wow 450 children I can’t believe it. Some children have been doing garden club everyday it is really fun. The children are Chloe, Tia, Caitlyn, Valdite and  Johnny it has been very fun. We are trying to  be the best blog in the school we were the best blog in the school in year five.

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