David Almond- the author and mastermind behind Skellig- starts the story when Micheal and his family are getting shown around the house by Mr Stone, who was the estate agent. As the story unfolds, It is shown through numerous pieces of evidence that the house needs renovating, for the house is dirty, dusty ¬†and ancient: even the toilet is unpleasant. Tragically, a man called Ernie mysteriously died, as a result of this his deceased body was discovered under a rotten maggot-infested kitchen table. Micheal being the curious boy he is, as soon as he could, explored the garage that seemed to drastically surpass the levels of contamination of the house. Michael’s eyes wandered around the room like a cats would trying to catch a lazer. The garage was jam-packed with: creepy bluebottles; awful spiders; disgusting layers of dust; old furniture and sitting right ontop of the sofa was a mysterious man, who gave a murder-like stare.

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