come to our fantastic school

Welcome to Byker Primary School 

Byker Primary School is located in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Byker . We are surrounded  by transport services such as: bus stops , a metro station and we have our own mini-buses. Did you know that we have over 400 children in our school? Also, there are pupils who come from different nationalities. 

Our mini-bus service 

If you live in places like: Walker , Wallsend or Heaton the School mini-bus will come pick your child/children up in the morning before school and w,ill return your child home , at 3pm . This service is free-of-charge and your child could be from playgroup to year 6 to use this service . If you wanted to pick your child up after school just contact the school and they will not take your child home , but will still be able to use the service the following day. 

Attendance cups

On a Friday we have a certificate assembly and we also do the attendance. If you come 3rd or 2nd place you get to pick an activity to do in school: this maybe playing in the yard or inside on iPads. However , if you win 1st place in attendance you get to go on a half day trip such as : the trampoline park , laser Quaser or the cinema .

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