In an enchanted castle, there were two girls and a boy.The two girls were called, Mia and Jazzie  and the little boy was called Alex. Mia had a big and important secret that no one knew,  but her. It was a mysterious, powerful and shimmering animal. But for ten years they all got on with their lives, but she got backed to her real life? Mia, also didn’t tell her fake sister and brother the truth. One night,  Mia went back to her real life, were something she has. After a few more ten years she had told her family, and they all freaked out so they banshed her from the kingdom, because she had a dangerous and powerful pet.  So after they had for gotton about what she said, she went backed there and tolded her fake sister and brother everything and they really believed her, so she showed them where her pet was. It was a mysterious, powerful, glowing and shimmering, pet UNICORN! And they all said that they  were evil but they were not. So thay all went back to the kingdom and showed the kingdom the unicorn.  So they have change the rule of Mia coming into the kingdom. And after a few months they all for gived her after ever thing the King and Queen said to Mia. So they all lived happily ever!!!

                                                         BY CAITLYN KNIGHTING 6SW


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