David Almond- the author and mastermind behind Skellig- starts the story when Micheal and his family are getting shown around the house by Mr Stone, who was the estate agent. As the story unfolds, It is shown through numerous pieces of evidence that the house needs renovating, for the house is dirty, dusty  and ancient: even the toilet is unpleasant. Tragically, a man called Ernie mysteriously died, as a result of this his deceased body was discovered under a rotten maggot-infested kitchen table. Micheal being the curious boy he is, as soon as he could, explored the garage that seemed to drastically surpass the levels of contamination of the house. Michael’s eyes wandered around the room like a cats would trying to catch a lazer. The garage was jam-packed with: creepy bluebottles; awful spiders; disgusting layers of dust; old furniture and sitting right ontop of the sofa was a mysterious man, who gave a murder-like stare.

Memories of year 6

My favourite memory in year 6 is going to attendance trips with the class. Also I liked doing gas masks it was fun. My favourite bit was wearing it I also liked when we decorated the ginger bread man and had free time . The staff are helpful and caring without them we would be lost and Mrs Bradley ,mr Newton are amazing they care for us as if we are their children.

My school year-2017

At the start of the school year I wasn’t expecting to get Miss Swenney AGAIN! I got miss Sweeney in year 5. At the start of the year we got some new people in our class. We all got along with each other and we all learned new things this year we learned: how to stay healthy, the polar regions, WW2( world war 2). Some people have Miss Sweeney for maths but the others have Mr Shield and I am one of the people to have Mr Shield for maths. We went on trips and did fun things together. On Sunday 4Th July, we went on a trip to France it was really fun we went fencing, swimming and did a zip wire. It was so much fun! Sadly it was time to go but it was much better on the way back to home.




come to our fantastic school

Welcome to Byker Primary School 

Byker Primary School is located in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Byker . We are surrounded  by transport services such as: bus stops , a metro station and we have our own mini-buses. Did you know that we have over 400 children in our school? Also, there are pupils who come from different nationalities. 

Our mini-bus service 

If you live in places like: Walker , Wallsend or Heaton the School mini-bus will come pick your child/children up in the morning before school and w,ill return your child home , at 3pm . This service is free-of-charge and your child could be from playgroup to year 6 to use this service . If you wanted to pick your child up after school just contact the school and they will not take your child home , but will still be able to use the service the following day. 

Attendance cups

On a Friday we have a certificate assembly and we also do the attendance. If you come 3rd or 2nd place you get to pick an activity to do in school: this maybe playing in the yard or inside on iPads. However , if you win 1st place in attendance you get to go on a half day trip such as : the trampoline park , laser Quaser or the cinema .


In an enchanted castle, there were two girls and a boy.The two girls were called, Mia and Jazzie  and the little boy was called Alex. Mia had a big and important secret that no one knew,  but her. It was a mysterious, powerful and shimmering animal. But for ten years they all got on with their lives, but she got backed to her real life? Mia, also didn’t tell her fake sister and brother the truth. One night,  Mia went back to her real life, were something she has. After a few more ten years she had told her family, and they all freaked out so they banshed her from the kingdom, because she had a dangerous and powerful pet.  So after they had for gotton about what she said, she went backed there and tolded her fake sister and brother everything and they really believed her, so she showed them where her pet was. It was a mysterious, powerful, glowing and shimmering, pet UNICORN! And they all said that they  were evil but they were not. So thay all went back to the kingdom and showed the kingdom the unicorn.  So they have change the rule of Mia coming into the kingdom. And after a few months they all for gived her after ever thing the King and Queen said to Mia. So they all lived happily ever!!!

                                                         BY CAITLYN KNIGHTING 6SW


SATS Revision Homework 2

1.) Add the correct punctuation to this list:

Harry bought some chips ice-cream cakes pizza and fruit for the party

2.) Make an adjective from this noun – danger

3.) Add prefixes to make the antonyms of these words.

___ legible
___ appear
___ activate

4.) Fill the gap using the past progressive tense:

Emily _______________________ her favourite film.

5.) Change this sentence so that it is written in Standard English.

Mark done his homework last night, but he knew he could of did better if he’d tried more hard.

6.)  2/5 + 4/6 =

7.) 90% of 1500

8.) 3/10 = ____%

9.) 4.5 – 0.993 =

10.) 3,185 divided by 49 =




World War 2 (WWII) began on the 1 September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. It lasted until the 2 September 1945, just over six years and a day! Unfortunately, over 6million people were killed. During WW2, Winston Churchill was elected Prime Minister in the UK (United Kingdom). In this text, you will find out about: wonderful women, Anne Frank and kids corner.
Wonderful women:
The war changed women from being ‘housewives’ or doing ‘women’s jobs’ that they were expected to do; they had to  undertake the men’s role and get physical jobs like: engineering, driving  fire engines, they also had to work in factories making bombs and air-craft parts etc. Women shockingly only got paid £1.85 a week for working a minimum 50 hours, but this later got increased to £2.85. This still wasn’t a lot but as long as they could afford their essentials like: a toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.
Anne Frank:
Anne Frank, who was born in Frankfurt, Germany 1929, was a Jew, who was forced to hide during the Holocaust. She and her family, along with four others, spent two years hiding during WW2 in her father’s office in Amsterdam. Adolf was prepared to do anything to get rid of all the Jews in Germany because he believed that Jews were to blame for the loss of WWI. Also, the Jewish people did not fit in with Adolf’s picture of ‘perfect’ Germany. Anne and her family managed to escape the Nazi party. A long her journey she wrote in her diary everyday, that has now become one of the  most powerful memories of the Holocaust. Anne wand her family were caught and arrested and later transported to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland. Her and her family later got transported to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, where she later died.
Kid’s corner:
Adolf died on the 30 April 1945. A week after Germany surrendered.
VE-day was announced by Winston Churchill to mark the end of war in Europe.

SATS Revision Homework 1

Have a go at the questions below, if there are any questions that you’re unsure about let me know! You can post your answers as a comment or bring them into school.

1.) Identify three determiners in this sentence:

Jack walked into the shop and he bought some pasta and an apple for his lunch.

2.) Add a semi-colon to link two main clauses in this sentence:

Everybody was horrified by what was in front of them nobody knew what to do next.

3.) Think of a synonym and an antonym for this word:


4.) Rewrite this active voice sentence using the passive voice:

Bob drove the car on to the ferry carefully.

5.) Add a possessive pronoun to this sentence:

The dog was _________.

6.) 4/5 of 950 =

7.) 67 x 89 =

8.) 45 + 76 = 200 – ____

9.) 6/7 x 9/12 =

10.) 8.5 x 1000 =

Does light travel in a straight line???

To complete this experiment you will need:

  • a Torch
  • a piece of blue tack
  • a pair of scissors
  • a ruler
  • 4 pieces of card
  • and something to take a picture with.

The first thing you will need to do is cut a little square 10 centimetres in length and 10 centimetres in width.

You will need to do the exact same thing 2 times more.

Then stick your three bits of card one in front of the other.

Penultimately, make sure your torch works.

Eventually, place a piece a piece of card at the end  and shine your light through the hole.It should travel in a straight line onto the card.


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How to make a gas mask easily.

Do you want to know how to make a realistic gas mask? Follow these steps to complete your gas mask.

Equipment needed:

  • template of a gas mask
  • black card
  • sellotape
  • cellophane
  • elastic
  • bubble wrap
  • scissors
  • pencil

Firstly, cut out the template of a gas mask carefully. Make sure you also cut out the eyes and snout.

Next, trace it out onto a black piece of card  with a pencil.

Then, cut it out.

Shortly after, cut out a piece of cellophane and stick it at the back of your eyes of the gas mask, with sellotape.

After, cut out a rectangle from black card. Curve it into a cylinder shape and stick it down onto the snout.

Later, cut out a piece of bubble wrap and stick it onto the snout of the gas mask.

Finally, get a piece of elastic and staple it onto each side of the gas mask.